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Betula Papyrifera (Paper White Birch)

The Birch family has over 100 species, and is noted for its leaf color, and white peeling bark. They grow fairly quickly, and the Paper White is called "the lady of the forest". It is found primarily in the northern hemisphere, but grows in climate zones 3 - 7. It naturally grows in clumps, and therefore Deep Valley Tree Farm plants three or four together. It grows 40 - 80 feet, depending on location, and prefers cool, damp areas, that are well drained. The leaves are oval to avate, 2 - 3 inches long, and 1.5 - 2 inches in width. They have double toothed margins, with a round base, and pointed tip. These trees were classically used by the Indians for making canoes.

Betula_papyrifera_tree_100.JPG (125967 bytes)Betula_papyrifera_leaf_100.JPG (52911 bytes)

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