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All About Trees; Ortho Books; The Solaris Group

Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs; Michael A. Dirr; Timber Press

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants; Michael A. Dirr; Stipes

Trees of North America; C. Frank Brockman; Golden Press


Technical notes

This web site was published using Microsoft Front Page, and was designed by Deep Valley  Farm. The trees on this web site were photographed using a 35 mm Nikon camera, with Kodak 100 ASA, or Kodachrome 64 film. Fill in flash was used for some details. The negatives were scanned in using a Nikon LS 1000 film scanner, on to an IBM compatible computer, running Windows 95. The settings generally employed were 1000 X 1548 pixels, with 300 dpi output resolution, with a scale of 370:1. This produced a file size of 4.43 MB, which is used for printing. For presentation on the Web, the file size was reduced by storing images as JPEG, and reducing the output resolution to 100 dpi. Photograph handling and layering was done using Adobe Photoshop in most cases.

More recently, photographs have been taken with a digital camera, with very encouraging results. This allows the image to be transferred directly from  the storage medium to the web site, without the tedious effort of scanning. We believe this method is superior to the older one, as the quality of the image is as good on the Web as with the older format.

Recently, we have gone totally digital (2007)

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