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Prunus serotina (Wild Black Cherry)

The Prunus genus has more than 400 species, and this cultivar has fruit measuring a half inch in diameter, with a deep purple flesh. It is known for its wood, which is used in good furniture. This is a deciduous tree, and will grow in climate zones 4 - 9. The height can be anywhere from 60 - 90 feet, and is a moderate growing tree. The leaves are narrow oval to oblong lanceolate, 2 - 6 inches in length, and about 1.5 inches in width. They have fine teeth on the margin, and the flowers are small and white. It is best planted on its own in the open, away from driveways and other walking surfaces. The fruit is good for the birds, although it has not been a favorite for human consumption. However, it is a lovely specimen tree, and adds to many landscape projects.

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